The Egg Shop: Put All Your Eggs in This Basket

Freshman year of high school, my biology teacher, Ms. Ezratty, a former nutritionist, told our class that eggs are “nature’s perfect little food”—a lesson that has most certainly resonated with me into my young adult years. Now you might not know this from my prior blog entries, but a good egg sandwich is practically the centerpiece of my morning routine. Quick in preparation, full of flavors, and readily adaptable, this emissary of essential proteins and energy-revitalizing carbohydrates is a great way to start one’s day—and now there’s a place that’s crafting them from 8 AM to 11 PM! If eggs are nature’s pride and joy, then The Egg Shop on Elizabeth Street is a reminder that mankind remains limitless in its innovation.

Scrambled? Sunny Side Up? As a salad? The Egg Shop’s menu is surprisingly diverse for a restaurant themed around eggs with everything from salmon to pulled pork to the more obvious bacon offered on its many sandwiches. More health-conscious customers have plenty of choices such as an egg-white sandwich with spinach, tomato, or avocado among other toppings in addition to gluten-free English muffins. Regardless of style, I am assured each egg is both organic and locally farmed. There’s also French toast, Greek-style yogurt, and fried chicken (playing second fiddle as a side dish) if you want to explore other avenues.

The Reformer comes with  feta, spinach, and tomato. Add an avocado for an extra $2!

The Reformer comes with feta, spinach, and tomato. Add an avocado for an extra $2!


Think Build-A-Bear Workshop But with Egg Sandwiches

On my first visit, I opted to craft a custom-egg sandwich, asking for sunny side up on a buttermilk biscuit with gruyere cheese, caramelized onion aoli, and avocado (just in case It wasn’t hearty or fatty enough). The end result was superb—a fantasia of creamy, gooey goodness. The eggs were perfectly fried and runny in the center with a delicate slice of Gruyere. The buttermilk biscuits made for perfectly battered bookends, sopping up the aioli as well as the yolk after it burst. I don’t think I’ll ever find a better base for an egg sandwich–just make sure to be careful, they do have a tendency to crumble in your hands (I found the debris totally worth scooping up).

My Super Creamy Custom Egg Sandwich!

My Super Creamy Custom Egg Sandwich!

Enjoying the perverse pleasure of gorging on both child and parent in the same meal, I also sunk my teeth into the fried chicken. Seasoned with a bold but pleasing amount of sweetness in traditionally crispy, crunchy skin I found it unbelievably scrumptious for a so-called side dish. A must-order tidbit for breakfast or lunch!

Fried Chicken makes any good thing better!

Fried Chicken makes any good thing better!

On a return visit, I ordered one of the Cruisers (eggs in a bowl). The Spandex stood out out as a healthy option that didn’t skimp on flavor, pairing a perfectly poached egg with fresh veggies and miso-infused quinoa.

The Spandex. There are SO many veggies, it's difficult to see the quinoa!

The Spandex. There are SO many veggies, it’s difficult to see the quinoa!


What can I say about The Egg Shop? It was egg-cellent, egg-ceeded all egg-spectations. Ok, I’m done 🙂

All in all, owners Sara Schneider and Demetri Makoulis have truly gone out of their way in hatching a unique concept. The Egg Shop delivers great food and fair prices in a welcoming atmosphere of a space that left me wholly satisfied and never made me feel like a cooped-up chicken, though maybe a well fed one.

Flawlessly eggs-ecuted and that's no yolk!

Flawlessly eggs-ecuted and that’s no yolk!

The Egg Shop

Address: 151 Elizabeth Street (near Kenmare)


(646) 666 0810


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