The Scoop on Polpo Gelato

The summer before senior year of high school is always an auspicious period of time. Most kids spend the season scrambling to find a job–probably at an ice cream parlor if they’re lucky, but instead of leaving his fate in the hands of others, Laguardia High School Senior Harrison Geller planned something bigger and sweeter in beginning his own gelato pop-up.

After honing his craft in Italy, Harrison was determined to demonstrate what he had learned overseas. Named Polpo after the Italian word for Octopus in homage to the eight flavors Harrison offers, the frozen treat store is a welcome visitor to the Lower East Side’s dwindling summer days.

Harrison Unveiling a new Sorbet

Harrison Unveiling a new Sorbet

Aside from its youthful staff (comprised by none other than Geller’s friends and classmates) Polpo Gelato can boast a level of artisanship rarely seen in the industry today. All of its flavors and offerings are made by hand and from scratch without the aid of a machine–an impressive and meticulous feat!

I sampled several of Polpo’s flavors and enjoyed the Ricotta Gelato (which was cheesy and fluffy and unlike any other gelato I’ve ever had) and the Raspberry Sorbet (which pairs nicely with the incredibly tart Lemon Sorbet).

Sadly, Polpo Gelato is only running for a limited period of time. Remember, Harrison and co. still have a busy year ahead of them uptown after all.  The weather will be sticky and muggy in the next two weeks, so do pay them a visit if you’re in the area!

Thanks Polpo Gelato!

Thanks, Polpo Gelato!

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