Who Am I?

Otter Lee Headshot

A native New Yorker, a voracious eater, and (I’d like to think) an all-around nice guy! 

My name is Otter Lee, but you can call me Ott! I am currently a student at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, pursuing an education in acting as well as creative writing. Since matriculation at Gallatin, I have written, staged, and directed two original one-act comedies and had both prose and fiction pieces published through the university. In the Winter and Spring of 2013, I helped organize Chinatown Restaurant Week and Chinatown Jewelry Week, assisting the promotion of several small businesses. From Spring to Fall of 2013, I freelanced for tourism guide Inside New York, though both the magazine and blog remain on hiatus until Spring 2014.  When I’m not working on a new script or researching a role, you can find me exploring the wacky island I call my home, often through my sense of taste.

This blog arose from two of my greatest passions–-my love for food and my desire to capture my life through text.  As someone who has lived in Manhattan for almost my entire life, I find that trying new restaurants and discovering new bites plays a major role in my long and fulfilling love affair with my hometown. As silly as it sounds, exploring a new eatery can really spice up your life in New York. Through Food For Ott, I hope to illuminate my new experiences as well as look back on the occasional and reliable old favorites.  I’ve always believed that a good meal is something worth writing about and I hope to commemorate my tastings from here on out for your pleasure–there is no doubt that I will enjoy myself on this journey.

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